Suggestions, Please!

I have been working furiously during this fantastic Christmas break time and am hoping to have everything listed by the time school starts back on the 7th. (It is robotics build season and Katie isn’t driving independently yet, which means that I will be a very busy taxi driver come January!)

I am unsure about the sections of my blog. Are there too many? Are there not enough? The “Absolutely Interesting” section is a nice way of saying, “Random Things”… I have a LOT of fun, random items. Is that section getting too large? Should I break this section into separate categories somehow?

I am not an excellent photographer, to put it mildly. I purchased a light box with multiple different colored backgrounds, which has helped with the photo-taking, but I have notoriously terrible vision and an unsteady hand… so the photos are about as good as someone like me can possibly get them. I have been tempted to hire a product photographer to come take the photos for me, but that seems a little “extra” (as the kids say), even for me. Besides, the money I would spend on a professional photographer is probably better spent on grabbing more Kappa treasures…. However, if you have any suggestions for me on how to improve my photos, I would love to hear from you.

I truly welcome your suggestions, whether you are a sister, a non-Kappa friend who sees me mention this blog on Facebook or Instagram, or a stranger who somehow manages to find their way here.

I hope to make improvements to this site as I become more technologically adept at WordPress. My children enjoy telling people that their mother is “practically Amish”. I am famous for being unable to update apps on my iPhone, I am constantly convinced that my MacBook is possessed, and I have no idea how to work our internet television… but I am working on learning the ins and outs of WordPress in order to make this site better. If you can think of a way I can improve it, please head over to the “Contact Me” section of this blog and shoot me a message!

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