Badge of the Kininmonth Kappas, first used in 1938

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Information for Research: This badge was first used by Jane Elizabeth Kininmonth (DOB October 31, 1918), Gamma Alpha chapter, (Kansas State University), initiation date 12-19-38. After Jane’s gradation, the badge was then passed to another family member (either a sister or a sister-in-law), both of whom were at Kansas State. *Find out who!

This badge was then passed on to the final Kappa to wear it, Jane’s daughter, Sibyl. Sibyl Dyke was the last Kappa to wear this badge at her initiation into Delta Sigma chapter at Oklahoma State University in 1959.

Jane Kininmonth Gallaher passed away on May 20,1988 in Austin, Texas, at the age of 69.

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